The Quest for Enlightenment

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The ancient Vedic philosophy set forth in the pages of this book provides answers to such questions as the nature of the soul, the reality of spiritual experience, overcoming failure by non-material means, and many others. For a wide range of readers. More and more people, tired of the constant stress of modern society, want to live in a quiet and pure atmosphere and do what they truly love. At the same time, many are beginning to take a serious interest in spiritual matters. This is a healthy tendency. The sages of ancient India used to say: tamasi ma jyotir gama – “Do not remain in darkness, go to the light,” advising all thinking people to go in search of enlightenment. The ultimate goal of this quest, however, is not reached by all. The Bhagavad-gita, a classic work of Indian spirituality, tells us that of the thousands of people who set out in search of enlightenment, only a few will be on the right path, and of those who succeed, only the most fortunate will reach the ultimate goal.


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